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Complex Automation


We are one of the few Automation System Builders entrusted by PT Pertamina (persero) Indonesia, a rank 133 of 2014 fortune 500 company, to develop and maintain nationwide Supply Chain system for energy distribution for the people of Indonesia. Each system we create integrates:*tens of servers scattered in various areas in Indonesia *various huge system from MySAP to numerous expensive otomation system produced by world-class companies such as Honeywell and Yokogawa; * thousands of utilities ranging from GPS systems, fingerprints, etc. We are accustomed to developing and maintaining system for 24x7 hours operation with virtually Zero Downtime. We are also accustomed to taking up projects with Money-back guarantee to minimize the risks of our clients.


customized ERP/MIS


Hectic with unorganized yet repetitive informations and administrative tasks? Need detail information on various busines activities, accessible from desktop, web, sms, email, etc.? Limited budget? Try our ERP/MIS solution, customized for you.



"To Inspire" Workshop


Workshop especially designed to help you find your very own smart solution to increase efficiency of business processes in your company. The topic can be customized for your need.


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"Smart" solutions for you


Our Business is to formulate smart solution to increase the efficiency and the productivity of your company through optimization of the current business processes, with the help of Information, communication and robotics technology. Click the circle in the far left column for a quick overview of our services.

The Character of Our Solution

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The coverage of our solution

Our customized solution could possibly covers:

  • Business Processes: Design, reengineer, standardize, and document existing business processes in your company. This is to ensure consistent product quality as commonly required by quality assurance standard.
  • Software Development customized to your adopted business processes.
  • Hardware & Infrastructure Development and Acquisition. This does not only include IT infrastructure, but also factory automation infrastructure such as robotics dan pneumatic system.
  • Manpower Development, both in the hard and soft skill to ensure optimal support to the business processes. Further, we regularly conduct various workshops in our field of expertise to decision makers to provide tips for them to solve their daily problems.
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